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Secure, Accessible, Fair, Efficient
(S.A.F.E) Elections For ALL West Virginians

We must work together on our shared West Virginia conservative values towards a common endeavor to Keep West Virginia Elections Safe and Secure. I will ensure that our freedom and fundamental right to vote is protected. And that we continue to partner with our County Clerks and election officials to give them the support and resources they need. 

In today’s ever-changing world I will bring a deep understanding of our laws, demonstrate strong leadership abilities, and uphold and promote fairness, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of the office.
Our office will also maintain a solid understanding of modern digital systems and be able to leverage technology to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of the offices services.

- Greeting Friends -

It is time to put the people first and continue to run the office on the foundation that has been set by the current administration and team members.

As your Secretary of State, I pledge to work towards:

  • Making West Virginia a place where working families can thrive, not just survive.

  • Making West Virginia a destination state not a departure state for new businesses.

  • Supporting ALL West Virginians, from students to seniors to be more involved and engaged in the election process.

  • Staying on the forefront on keeping our elections safe and secure.

  • Maintain control of our elections separate from federal intervention.

Eleven years ago, I had the opportunity to serve in Legislature when focusing on hard working West Virginians and their families was the #1 priority. I will maintain that priority and continue to put West Virginians first when offering the services of the office.


I realized the importance of keeping an open mind, building consensus, and creating bipartisanship to move WV forward. The office of Secretary of State CANNOT just work for Democrats or Republicans we must work together for all West Virginians. We must focus on West Virginia issues and stand up for our separation from what gets passed down from Washington officials and agendas and come together as one with real ideas, compromises, and solutions.

I am excited about the opportunity to seek your support and confidence to be your next Secretary of State. My campaign will be about grass roots, hard work, and keeping the interest of West Virginians first.

I need your help. Continue to browse my website, check my facebook page and help me spread the word about our campaign. We can’t win this election without your help, and I invite you to become an active volunteer/ supporter and help us succeed together in this campaign.

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