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For ALL West Virginians


We must put party politics aside and work together on our shared values towards a common endeavor to Keep West Virginia Wild and Wonderful for all. The people of our state are hurting, inflation is real, and we must come together with common sense ideas to help each other. We need deep thinkers to create this common endeavor as we work to move West Virginia forward. We cannot afford to operate off the cuff. We need leaders who want to work together, who are willing to role up their sleeves and create a 5-, 10-, and 15-year plan for the future of West Virginia. Our students, our front-line workers, our seniors, our small businesses and our first responders continue to feel the effect of life after Covid-19 and we must be creative, innovative, and dedicated to making smart and well thought out plans to making lasting changes for years to come. On every vote we take, instead of fighting across party lines, we as legislators should ask “How does this help West Virginians” and “Who does it hurt?”

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- Greeting Friends -

It is time to put the people first- ahead of corporations and out of state interest. Everything we do as a Legislature should focus on helping people who have made West Virginia home- not corporate bailouts or lining the pockets of the corrupt.

On every piece of legislation elected officials work on, they should ask:
How does this support West Virginians. I pledge to work towards: 

  • Making West Virginia a place where working families can thrive, not just survive.

  • Making West Virginia a destination state not a departure state.

  • Supporting ALL West Virginians, from students to seniors.

Ten years ago I had the opportunity to serve in Legislature when focusing on hard working West Virginians and their families was the #1 priority. Then I had sat out for four years to focus on my small businesses and raising 3 wonderful little Skaff boys. During that time I grew frustrated by the lack of creativity and solutions to these ongoing issues stemming from the opioid crisis, to education, to our lack of support for our seniors, and nothing to keep our students from leaving our state after graduation. 

During my last four years back in the Legislature I realized the importance of keeping an open mind, building consensus, and creating bipartisanship to move WV forward. The fact that people are more worried to represent their party than their constituents is frustrating, but we most work together to accomplish what needs to be done to help our region and state. We CANNOT just work for Democrats or Republicans we must work together for all West Virginians. We must focus on West Virginia issues not National Party agendas and come together as one elected body with real ideas, compromises and solutions.

I am excited about the opportunity to seek your vote for the WV House of Delegates. My campaign will be about grass roots, hard work, and keeping the interest of West Virginians first.

I need your help. Continue to browse my website, check my facebook page and help me spread the word about our campaign. We can’t win this election without your help and I invite you to become an active volunteer/ supporter and help us succeed together in this campaign.

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