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Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


We need to provide more funding for mental health and second chance programs. We also need to lead a charge and create a national opioid solution task force, so we can partner with neighboring states to fight against these national companies that pollute our communities with millions and millions of drugs. Providing  opportunities and programs for those addicts who are working through recovery and want help to turn their life around is a must. Make it easier for former abusers to get retrained for jobs. A job is the best medicine we can give to help those that feel there is no hope. I don't care who takes the lead Democrats or Republicans we must come together as West Virginians helping West Virginians to solve this issue as well as work with the President and our surrounding leaders in neighboring states.

When I talk to people across the Kanawha Valley and our state they feel there is too much partisanship, and too much focus on the status quo. West Virginians are looking for leaders who are not afraid to put party politics aside to do what’s right for them and their families. West Virginians are looking for that next generation of leaders who will step up, be brave, be bold and be creative when working on legislation to a better West Virginia.


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