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Senior Couple


This is a vital untapped resource for West Virginia. We need to provide tax incentives to our seniors, veterans, and retirees in particularly income taxes, housing, and healthcare cost. This will help our existing citizens and will encourage new retirees and veterans to come home to West Virginia. Incentives for our seniors’ will allow their expenditures to stay in WV and stimulate our economy, provide ancillary jobs, and expand our population base. 

Freeze property taxes for seniors and veterans on fixed income.

We need to educate our Veterans about the opportunities for employment, education, and housing that exists in WV. These heroes risk their lives and make sacrifices every day and we do not do enough to help them get back on their feet when they return.  Every person who serves overseas should be able to come home to a job or education. It is up to us to help them achieve their dreams after serving.

Protecting Our Seniors, Veterans, and Retirees

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