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Doug Skaff Sign Wave


3 Joplin Place

South Charleston, WV 25303


The strength of this campaign is in people like you getting involved because you believe better things are possible for WV.

We're building a top-notch grassroots campaign team in every neighborhood in the 57th House District. Together we will build this campaign team from Dunbar, to Spring Hill, to South Charleston, to Vandalia, to Weberwood, to Fort Hill.

Join us today by following Doug Skaff Jr. Facebook page, contributing to our campaign, or volunteering. It's going to be a long, exciting campaign road. With your help we're not just going to win this race, we're going to elect someone who will bring innovative thinking and bring people together to build compromises to solve West Virginia’s challenges.

Your voice and participation can help.

Join Team Skaff today.

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