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This campaign is about ensuring our elections are S.A.F.E (Secure, Accessible, Fair, Efficient). While also supporting economic growth by facilitating business registrations and providing resources for business owners to succeed.

 ” I want to use my past experiences to make this a better place for West Virginians to feel safe about the election process and feel supported when starting a business by providing them the tools and resources they need to live, work, and raise their family.” I believe the skills I’ve developed during my time in the legislature and in business as well as the relationships I have built through the years make me ideal choice to be your next Secretary of State.”


I visualize a thriving West Virginias economy built on the backs of small businesses who are the backbone of our state.. As an owner of businesses of all sizes, I will provide a vision and rely on past experiences for supporting and promoting economic growth, facilitating business registrations, and provide resources for all entrepreneurs. I plan to run the office like a business and make sure we treat all West Virginians as the customer and provide them with the most reliable, timely, and effective services and support all their needs to be successful. 


I want to make it easier for West Virginians to stay in West Virginia, register their business, and be successful,” Skaff said. “When searching for opportunity, I want people to turn to West Virginia. I don’t want people to be forced to travel outside our borders because they feel they are better supported.  Government should be a partner and not a burden when helping all West Virginias succeed.


As Secretary of State, I will continue on the outstanding job Secretary Warner and his team have done while ensuring the office continues to stay on the forefront with the best tools and resources to make our elections secure. Our county clerks and their staff do a phenomenal job and know and understand what needs to be done in their cities and towns to make elections happen.  As Secretary of State, I will continue to empower our county clerks and support all election officials and poll workers with the tools and resources they need to maintain the most efficient and safe elections all West Virginians expect and deserve.

I am passionate about serving the people of West Virginia and remain dedicated to upholding West Virginia hardworking and conservative principles and I possess the necessary skills and experiences to excel in this role.”

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