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Doug at Home


This campaign is about fresh ideas, new initiatives and the future of West Virginia,” Skaff said. 

 ”I want to use my past experiences to make this a better place to live for all current and future West Virginians.” I believe the skills I’ve developed during my first stint in the House, and the relationships I have built over the last two years in the Legislature and within the community will allow me to make a major difference under the dome. Also, I strongly believe my experiences in the business world make me an ideal candidate and provide me a real-life perspective to be your voice as Delegate for 57th District in Kanawha County.


I want to make it easier for West Virginians to stay in West Virginia,” Skaff said. “When searching for opportunity, I want people to turn to West Virginia. I don’t want people to be forced to travel outside our borders for a better education or a better job. If people want to stay close to their family and their roots, I want to work to help provide them that option. I will continue to strive to create opportunities to provide for a more educated and dedicated workforce. “Over the last 5 years we have lost 57,516 people, that trend has to stop. I want this to be a destination state not a departure state”

I will remain focused on education, creating jobs, providing for our seniors and veterans, and smart economic growth/development across the region. As Delegate I intend on listening to the concerns and insights of Kanawha County residents to identify the critical issues and challenges facing the area today and tomorrow.

We can’t create new jobs or attract new jobs without an educated DRUG-FREE workforce. Which is why I will support and advocate for school and business partnerships to provide for a more educated and skilled workforce from the initial first class to completion of degree. Having visited the Toyota plant and spoken with numerous business leaders at Toyota, I will to continue to work with the community and technical colleges to create similar programs like what Toyota has established. Toyota plant in Eleanor gives hands on training to those students while obtaining their degree then rewards 85% of them with a job after completion of program. I will continue to advocate for the expansion of these types of programs into our manufacturing, health, and natural gas industry. 


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