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As your Secretary of State for West Virginia I feel I possess a range of qualities and qualifications that make me the right choice for this job.


Strong Leadership Skills: I have demonstrated strong leadership abilities, both in the Legislature as well as leading my various businesses.  Which is very important because the Secretary of State is responsible for overseeing the various functions of the Secretary of State's office and guiding their team effectively.


Extensive Knowledge of State Laws: I currently have a deep understanding of West Virginia's laws, regulations, and procedures to ensure I can effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities.


Commitment to Fairness and Integrity: As Secretary of State, I would uphold and promote fairness, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of the work. This includes ensuring fair elections, maintaining accurate records, and protecting the people’s trust.


Technological Proficiency: In today's digital age, technological proficiency is crucial. I possess a solid understanding of modern digital systems and can be able to leverage technology to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of the office's services.


Excellent Communication Skills: The secretary of state often serves as a liaison between the government, businesses, and the general public. Therefore, I feel my communication skills, both written and verbal, are vital for effective representation and collaboration. .


Proactive Approach to Voter Education: Encouraging civic engagement and ensuring voters are well-informed are crucial responsibilities of the secretary of state. As Secretary of State I would prioritize voter education initiatives to empower individuals and strengthen democracy.


Commitment to Small Business Support: West Virginia's economy relies heavily on small businesses. As a small business owner I have a vision for supporting and promoting economic growth, facilitating business registration, and providing resources to entrepreneurs.


Passionate: I am passionate about serving the people of West Virginia, dedicated to upholding conservative principles, and I believe I possess the necessary skills and experience to excel in the role.

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