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Economic Development & Jobs

I have been running multiple businesses for the last 12 years and working with various contractors, businesses, owners, and workers across the region. My ear has always been to the ground listening and living the real-life concerns of business owners. While in the House of Delegates I served as Chairman of the House Economic and Small Business Committee as well as the Legislative Oversight Commission on Workforce Investment for Economic Development and the Tourism Committee.


I have had the privilege to travel the country with the Speaker of the House and Senate president as we tell our story of West Virginian and encourage investors and businesses to Choose West Virginia. As Secretary of State, I would see that myself or someone in our office supports them in this program and helps tell the story of West Virginia and travel with them around the country as a partner to encourage registering their next business in West Virginia . 


As Secretary of state, I will work to create and lead a caravan around the state stopping in various towns and cities to ensure they know the tools and resources the office has to help them get started. I would have regular roundtable discussions and forums with current business owners of all sizes to understand why they are successful and what we can do in the Secretary of States office to help support them. I think it is important to hear firsthand from those who make a payroll and wake up every day creating opportunities for families to be successful in WV.  

Being a small business owner myself I know the hardships and struggles people deal with daily just to pay the payroll and pay the bills. I want to continue to work with organizations like the Chamber of Commerce both state and local as well as local economic development groups that encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, and research in new technologies that do not currently exist. We should reward and help those entrepreneurs willing to take a chance that want to try something new here in WV.

Create Tax Credits & Incentives for Small Business And Entrepreneurs

West Virginia has more than 38,000 small businesses. Instead of focusing our time, money and efforts on tax cuts and incentives for large out-of-state corporations, we need to focus on our state’s small businesses and entrepreneurs who are currently in WV. We must refocus our efforts on the people in our communities who are creating jobs and providing services at the local level.

Invest In Tourism Development

West Virginia has the potential to be a real destination state for tourism. The Tourism Office is working on this and doing a great job in promoting our state and what we have to offer.  We need to build on this by working with tourism and advertising the tools and resources we have for the people visiting who may have an interest in starting or registering a business in West Virginia.

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