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Doctor and Patient


Protect & Care for Our Vulnerable People

Institute a Cap on Insulin Prices

According to the CDC, 12.5% of West Virginians have diabetes- one of the highest rates in the country. The cost of insulin continues to rise, and residents who need this lifesaving drug cannot afford it. West Virginia should pass legislation to limit the copay for insulin to keep this lifesaving drug affordable for our residents. 

Protect Coverage for Preexisting Conditions

Under current federal law, insurance companies can’t refuse to cover treatment for preexisting conditions or charge people more because they have a preexisting condition.  West Virginia needs to protect this coverage for our residents with preexisting conditions to ensure that they have access to affordable health insurance coverage.

Establish a Surcharge on Opioids to Fund Treatment & Recovery

Millions of prescription opioids have poured into West Virginia communities. The drug epidemic is ravaging our state.  This legislation will impose a per pill tax on every prescription opioid pill shipped to the state.  The legislation prohibits drug firms from passing this tax onto patients or insurance companies- the drug companies would have to pay the tax. This would provide another avenue for the state to hold drug companies accountable while providing much needed funding for treatment, recovery and prevention programs.

Reduce, Not Increase, the Tax Burdens For Our People

Instead of focusing on corporate tax giveaways, the Legislature should look at ways to further reduce the tax burden for the people in our state who could benefit the most. The proposed inventory tax reduction will benefit large manufacturers, likely at the expense of property owners, local governments and our schools. 


Complete elimination of the tax on social security- which was partially phased in through legislation we passed last year- should be a priority. The Legislature should also look at creating a state earned income tax credit (EITC) to support low-income working families. Both of these proposals put real dollars back in the pockets of West Virginia residents.  

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